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Please note...

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 5:17 pm
by digitl
After recently receiving a number of fairly blunt emails, I must make it absolutely clear that this forum - - has no connection with 3view, the company which produced the 3view PVR, other than that I bought one of the early boxes.

I have also received a number of emails asking for specific help. My standard reply is 'please post requests on the forum'.

Finally, requests for a 'hurry up' with registration are a little unwelcome. There are times when I am away from an Internet connection and so approving new memberships may be a little delayed: the most recent were attended to at the end of a very slow Internet connection in a bar in Kotor Montenegro. Patience would be appreciated!

Oh, and the donations button to support the running of the forum is just up there ^^^^!