Mail server on 3view box?

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Mail server on 3view box?

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For a variety of reasons, my current free, flexible and customisable mail server for my domains is possibly going to the great WEEE recycling place in the sky in the near future. It occurs to me that whilst I've got a fully fledged Linux box running 24/7 at home, it might make some sense to get a Postfix or similar installation on there to handle it instead.

Ultimately all my mail from my domain routes to one of three destinations (all of which are gmail accounts, to utilise their filtering), including a catchall email address, so things aren't too complicated, though I do find that I can't use most free online mail hosts as my filtering requirements are mildly unusual (I format unique email addresses for each service that I use, so for example I would use for this website, or for tesco - so that way when a spam mail hits me I can read whether it is a leak from a trusted provider, or just pure spam (e.g.

Anyway, what dependencies would I need to rely on to get something like this set up? I know I'd be breaking the clean, consistent codge-build, which might give me issues in the future, but it would be something fun to play with.

Anyone done something similar?


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