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Channel scanning

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I noticed the other day that 10/4/13 sees a sizeable change for all those using the Winter Hill transmitter, which I'd completely forgotten about.

Since the last time that I tuned in channels (probably about January 2011) I've not scanned for channels on my main box, and since installation (about summer 2011) I've not scanned for channels on my other box. Both appear to have updated themselves with channel name changes, and I have a suspicion (not confirmed) that some new channels have been added without any intervention from in that period - though I might be wrong, these may just be name changes. (ISTR that during the Olympics some new channels did appear, but I might be confusing things with my Freesat TV).

Anyway, I know that there has been plenty of discussion about crashes / hangs when scanning for channels since the "gremlins" started appearing in the EPG, necessitating the excellent work by Old Codge.

I thought it might be useful if we could have a thread dedicated to channel scanning (approaches, pitfalls, backups of channel databases) which might help out whilst transmitters go through some of their final DSO changes.

As a starter, here is a map which helps to locate the "right" transmitter for your area, and you can drill through to find the right multiplex / channel combinations if you don't already know them

2 x 3view PVR, both on CodgeView. Winter Hill region.

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