Possible reception problems.

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Possible reception problems.

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It seems that around 900,000 homes may need to get a special filter to be able to keep on watching Freeview from 2013.

We first reported on this story in June 2011, when it was estimated that 760,000 homes could be affected. The Government now puts the estimate at nearer 900,000 homes in the UK.

As you'll be aware, the Digital Switchover completes this year, and once it's over, the space that was used for some analogue TV services will be sold off to mobile operators to launch the UK's 4G mobile Internet service.

This means that there will be new mobile phone base stations popping up around the UK that will be transmitting on frequencies that your TV aerial is optimised for – and those close to masts, or with signal boosters fitted, will be pulling in unwanted 4G signals. It's expected that these signals will 'overload' Freeview receivers, causing the picture to break up and be unwatchable. Users with 4G mobile devices, such as new smartphones and tablets, will also potentially be adding to the interference.

More: http://www.radioandtelly.co.uk/news/201 ... ilter.html

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