Any requests for changes to the forum, post them here.
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Welcome to the 3viewPVR.info Forum!

Please use the forum well, keeping it polite and positive. We know that there have been disappointments as consumers, and I'm sure that the management of 3view are feeling pretty bruised too, but it's time to look forward...

Finally, this is the first time I have set up a forum so please bear with me if there are any teething problems.
Frank (aka Admin)

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Re: Welcome!

Post by samiam »

Thanks Digitl. Got pretty confused when the original Forum asked for a password. Had a bright idea and checked your website and there was the answer,


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Re: Welcome!

Post by Crucial »

Nice one digitl, appreciate the effort to keep the family together, lets hope we can keep bashing our heads together and help, new and old, Thumbs up.

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Re: Welcome!

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Hello fellow suckers !! I am slightly different from you guys as I won my box in a competition !!
Nice one digitl -- a place to share things away from Digital Spy.
Regards Kev

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