Pressing the '3view' button displays links to online content. iPlayer and Sky Player link to catch-up services from the BBC and Sky and the 3view button will provide access to 3view's portal. All three will be activated in the near future. The YouTube icon links to the full range of YouTube content and the remaining icons provide direct links to websites which will offer added value to the viewing experience.

BBC iPlayer

Coming soon.


Move across to the YouTube icon and press 'ok'.

Use the central up and down arrow keys to navigate within the YouTube screen and 'ok' to select a category. Once a category has been selected, use the central right arrow key to move across to the list of videos and then the up and down arrow keys to select one. Using the 'P▲' and 'P▼' buttons will speed up the process by moving up and down the list four videos at a time. To play a video, press 'play' or, to add it to a list of favourites, press 'ok'.

My Favourites
To add a video to My Favourites, press 'ok' on a highlighted video and then 'ok' again on 'Add to Favourites'.

Once a list has been compiled, it will be displayed whenever 'My Favourites' is accessed and may be re-ordered by pressing 'ok' on an entry and choosing 'Move Favourite to Top'.

To play a favourite video, press 'play' on its entry in the list.

Featured Videos are mainly videos from YouTube's partners, but can also include user videos that are currently popular or that have been showcased in Spotlight Videos. They are automatically rotated throughout the day. Press 'ok' on the 'Most Discussed' button to display the list.

Most Viewed
The list of the 50 most viewed videos is displayed with the most popular at the end of the list.

Most Discussed
The clips in YouTube's Most Discussed section are not necessarily the most viewed, but are the ones that have attracted the most comments. Press 'ok' on the 'Most Discussed' button to display the list.

The 3view button provides a link to the complete set of videos created by 3view to demonstrate the 3view HD Television Recorder.

Use the 'Search' button to search for YouTube videos with the search term(s) in their title or description. When searching on two or more words the order in which they are entered does not restrict the result. Pressing 'info' will cycle the on-screen keyboard to allow the entry of upper and lower case letters, or numbers and symbols.

Clear Favourites
Press 'ok' on 'Clear Favourites' to delete the entire list. Care should be exercised as the decision cannot be reversed.

Sky Player

Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Move across to the Bing icon and press 'ok' to display the Bing search engine home page.


Move across to the BBC icon and press 'ok' to display the BBC's home page.


Move across to the ITV icon and press 'ok' to display ITV's home page.

Channel 4

Move across to the Channel 4 icon and press 'ok' to display Channel 4's home page.


Move across to the Five icon and press 'ok' to display Five's home page.


Move across to the Sky icon and press 'ok' to display Sky's home page.

Navigating web sites

Navigation within the websites is possible with the 3view remote control or with a standard USB-connected mouse and keyboard.

When using the 3view remote control:

RewindMove left to the next link
Fast ForwardMove right to the next link
P▲Move up through links
P▼Move down through links
okActivate a link
Central up arrowScroll the page up
Central down arrowScroll the page down
Central left arrowScroll the page left
Central right arrowScroll the page right
backMove to the previous page
subDisplay the on-screen keyboard
backRemove the on-screen keyboard
exitExit the website and return to viewing a live broadcast