Recording programmes

Recording the currently watched programme

To record the currently watched programme press the 'record' button. This will record the programme to its end, along with any of it that had been watched prior to the 'record' button being pressed.

Setting timers

To set a timer to record a programme, either press the 'guide' button or, for a narrower view of the EPG, press the 'info' button. Once in the EPG, use the four central arrow keys to navigate to the programme you wish to record. Once the selected programme is highlighted by a yellow rectangle, press 'record' once to set a single timer, or twice to set a series timer. The default settings for recordings will be applied and the EPG will change to show that a timer has successfully been created: the background to the programme's entry will turn to blue, any pre- and post-programme bonus will show as blue and black hatching, and green ticks, one for a single timer, two for a series timer, will be added.

To change from the default recording options press 'ok' on the highlighted entry and use the 'Episode Options' or 'Series Options' entry in the menu to make any changes.

To cancel a timer, press 'record' again on the programme's entry.

It is sometimes useful to be able to set a timer manually to make a recording at a set time and for a defined period. To do this, press 'guide' to open the EPG and move to the channel on which the timer should be set. Press 'ok' and choose 'Manual Timer'. Press 'ok' on 'Starting Time' and enter the time using the up and down arrow keys to change the digits, and the left and right arrow keys to move between hours, minutes and AM/PM. Press 'ok' to fix the starting time. Move down to 'Rec Length' and set the length of the recording. Move down to 'How Often' (Channel cannot be changed) and press 'ok' to access the list of options. Select from 'One Time Only', 'Every Day', 'Monday - Friday' and the individual days of the week. If 'One Time Only' has been selected, the next option, 'Date', is set in the same manner as 'Starting Time. Otherwise, it is unavailable.

Pressing 'ok' on the 'Other Options' button within this menu will allow more detailed control of the timer. Even greater control can be achieved by pressing 'ok' against 'Advanced' within the sub-menu.

To search for programmes with particular words in their title, or to set up a wishlist, press the 'pvr' button and navigate to the 'Search' entry in the listing. Further details are available on the 'PVR' page.