Watching Live TV

Selecting a channel to view

The quickest way to select a channel is to enter the channel number using the number keys on the remote control followed, optionally, by pressing 'ok'.

To move up or down the channel list one channel at a time press either the up and down arrow keys at the centre of the remote control, or the P▲ and P▼ keys.

An alternative way, if the programme is known to be on-air at the current time, but the channel is not known, is to press 'guide' to display the electronic programme guide (EPG) and then use the up and down arrow keys at the centre of the remote control to move up and down the channel list. Once the programme is found, press 'play' when it is highlighted by a yellow bounding box to tune to the programme. Alternatively, press 'ok' and then 'ok' again on 'Watch This Channel'. A similar route is available by pressing 'info' and then navigating up and down through the EPG. This has the advantage of continuing to show the broadcast programme full screen, but displays only one channel at a time rather than the six in the 'guide' view.

Pausing the broadcast

Press the 'Pause' button to pause the current broadcast and press it again to resume.

Slow motion

Press 'Pause' to pause the broadcast and then 'Fast Forward' for slow motion speeds of x1/16, x1/8, x1/4 and x1/2. Pressing 'Fast Forward' for a fifth time, or 'Play' at any time, will return to normal speed at that point in the broadcast.

Reviewing the broadcast

Press 'Rewind' repeatedly to move backwards through the current broadcast at speeds of x8, x15, x30 and x90, and press 'Fast Forward' to step back through those speeds. Press 'Play' to view at normal speed at any point. Once viewing at normal speed, pressing 'Fast Forward' repeatedly will play the broadcast at speeds of x3, x15, x30 and x90.

Changing the volume

To decrease the volume output by the unit, press the left arrow key at the centre of the remote control. To increase the volume, press the right arrow key. To mute the volume, press the mute key.

Changing the screen shape

Press the 'zoom' button to zoom into the picture. Successive presses will stretch it, change to 'direct' and then, finally, set it to 'normal'.


Press the 'sub' button to display subtitles where they are available. Pressing it again will set the unit to display subtitles when the sound has been muted and pressing it again will turn subtitles off.

Programme details

Details of the current programme are available by pressing the 'info' button.


Press the 'standby' button to put the unit into standby (the yellow LED on the front panel will light) and press it again to bring it out of standby.