Widgets are displayed by pressing the red button. Use the left and right arrow keys to select one, and the 'ok' button to activate it.

News Feeds

This widget offers news feeds from a variety of sources and on a range of subjects such as Sky News, Premier Football and Formula One. To change the currently selected source, use the central arrow key to move left and then use the up or down arrow key to move to the new source. Use the central right arrow key to move across to the newly visible story then the up and down arrow keys to move from story to story. Press 'ok' to read the story in depth.

Press 'exit' to exit the widget.


Use the central arrow keys to move around the on-screen calculator and 'ok' to enter the number, symbol or operator. Numbers may also be entered by using the numeric keys on the remote control.

Press 'exit' to exit the widget.

BBC Headline News Top 10

To open a synopsis of the story behind the headlines in the 'BBC Headline News Top 10' widget use the central up and down arrow keys to highlight the headline and then arrow right. Press 'ok' to open the full story in a browser window.

Press 'exit' to exit the widget.