Is there anyone there?

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Is there anyone there?

Post by Barry The Sprout »

Is anyone actually still using these boxes?

I am wondering how much longer to keep this forum running.
No one on this forum has ever worked for 3View CE Ltd, we've no association with that dead company. We just own boxes like you. We're a band of hackers trying to get the hardware we have paid for to work. We are doing this for free in our spare time

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Re: Is there anyone there?

Post by larkim »

Both mine in the bin, became unusable. ENjoying the EE TV digibox, though still not as good as the 3view could have been.
2 x 3view PVR, both on CodgeView. Winter Hill region.

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Re: Is there anyone there?

Post by Steve_God »

Random checked this today after checking some old links - both of my broken ones went in the bin a few months back too.

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