Playing back recordings

Locating the recording

Press the 'pvr' button and the screen will change to a view consisting of two columns. In the left-hand column are listed recordings and single and series timers. Recordings associated with individual timers are shown in the right-hand column.

Playing a recording

Use the central arrow keys to move up and down the recordings and timers list and press 'play' to play the first available recording listed against a timer. Alternatively, press 'ok', and then 'ok' again on 'Play First Available'. If the programme has already been partly viewed it will start from the appropriate position.

To play one of a number of recordings associated with a timer, use the right arrow key to move off to select one, press 'ok' on it and then once more on 'Play'. Again, if the recording has been partly viewed it will start from the last viewed position. To view the whole of the programme press 'ok' on 'Play From Beginning'.

A programme which has already been recorded, and which is still visible in the EPG, may be played back by pressing 'play' on the highlighted EPG entry.