3view HD PVR

Firmware Overview

Patched Firmware

A patch for firmware 37956-1 has been developed by 'oldcodge' with the assistance of a number of other users of the 3viewpvr.info forum. The firmware offers a workaround for the problems which are currently causing the 3view box to freeze and details are available in the 'Firmware patch codgev1 now available' thread'.

Anyone considering installing the patch is reminded that they install it at their own risk and is advised to read all of the instructions before proceeding.

Firmware Downloads (previously published by 3view)

Three of the last available firmwares published by 3view have been downloaded from the now defunct 3view website and are available at courtesy of 'Marchief'.

Before downloading any firmwares please read the rest of this page and bear in mind that the only recommended firmware, and the only one that is likely to be worked on by users, is 37956-1 at simply8654t2_trunk_37956-1_201108211726.bin

Take care: choose and install firmwares at your own risk!

Firmware Overview

This list of firmware changelogs has been compiled by 'Barry the Sprout' from multiple sources.

  • The old (and now defunct) official 3View.com Forum.
  • The My3View side of 3view.com.
  • Many extra notes from 3ViewPVR.info News.
  • List of firmware files on the simplyglobaltv.com website.

Version 37956-1 was the last released version and has been one of the most reliable and "complete". It was released as a Beta version.

Version 36171-2 was the last official release version. Every version that came after this one changes the memory layout in the box hardware which means once upgraded beyond this point there is no returning to older firmware.

Sunday, 2 October 2011, 20:50

simply8654t2_trunk_37956-2_201110022050.bin, 219,844,775 bytes

Details Unknown.
Never officially released as Beta.
Found on official upgrade site.

The only difference found here is the change of branding from 3View to Home Interactive. This means a change from vivid pink backgrounds to violent green. No other bugs fixed as the rest of the files are the same as 37956-1

Sunday, 2 October 2011, 13:29

simply8654t2_trunk_37956-2_201110021329.bin, 219,862,948 bytes

Details Unknown.
Never officially released as Beta.
Found on official upgrade site.

Investigation of files shows no other bugs fixed as the rest of the files are the same as 37956-1

Sunday, 21 August 2011, 17:26

simply8654t2_trunk_37956-1_201108211726.bin, 218,916,013 bytes

This was the final release we officially saw from 3View CE Ltd. It was released as a "Beta" on the forum, but no new issues have ever been found in it. This build has the fix to reflect the YouTube API change.

3view comments/release notes
Known issue:
We have added a new menu item which has effected the 'series option' box - this is not coming up correctly in this version so we will build a 3795.2 asap.
Press OK whilst viewing > select a programme > press OK > you should see the series options box but its not coming up. We've added a change to this menu so we know what's wrong - we'll rebuild asap.
Note: This does not mean that Series Record is broken, it is just not available from that single on-screen menu. It is still available from the Guide and PVR pages.

This release addresses the YouTube issue as well as two of the causes of duplicate recordings. YouTube changed the way URL references to content were returned. The parsing logic has been changed to accommodate this.

There are known causes of duplicate recordings:
1. User sees program in EPG, status is "not recording" because status has not been updated yet. User selects program & records series. This happens when event data is still coming in, so series jobs have not yet been recomputed. (bug 5659)

2. Program is recorded properly, but is scheduled to record again due to EPG update with or without reboot. This happens because the job is not really deleted after it has completed. (bug 5736)

3. User creates recording conflict, and chooses to time-shift the program. User the selects the program, and chooses the "Record This Showing Too" option. This allows other alternatives, and chooses the same alternative that is already being recorded. (bug 5737)

Bugs 5659 and 5737 are fixed in this release. The improvements include:

1. Before showing a recording prompt, the scheduled recordings are checked if they may involve the program. If program data is new, this should prevent the creation of multiple series/single recordings for the same series/episode.

2. Checks scheduled recordings at least once a minute while EPG updates are arriving. Before, the checks could be delayed indefinitely if new EPG data continues to arrive.

3. Add -remove Duplicate Series option to remove duplicate scheduled series recordings. 3view should consider including this in their next build, so that customers with existing duplicate series recordings can have their databases fixed.

4. When you choose "Record This Showing Also" (wording changed), it will record that instance only. This disallows alternatives, so a conflict dialog is displayed and the user must cancel one of the conflicting recordings.

36988 (cs?)
Friday, 24 June 2011 17:27

simply8654t2cs_trunk_36988_201106171146_new.bin, 288,326,550 bytes
http://www.simplyglobaltv.com/upgrades/simply8654T2/simply8654t2cs_trunk_ 36988_201106171146_new.bin

Details Unknown.
Never officially released as Beta.
Found on official upgrade site.

Notice the extra CS in the main processor name (Simply8654t2cs). This was probably created for a specific customer or test hardware.

Friday, 24 June 2011 15:57

simply8654t2_trunk_36997-4-ISpy_201106241559.bin 219,417,262 bytes

Details Unknown.
Never officially released as Beta.
Found on official upgrade site.

There are a number of these Ispy editions. Assume it was a specific customer or test.

Monday, 20 June 2011 15:51

simply8654t2_trunk_36997-2-ISpy_201106201551.bin 219,383,212 bytes

Details Unknown.
Never officially released as Beta.
Found on official upgrade site.

There are a number of these Ispy editions. Assume it was a specific customer or test.

36997-1: Official Beta Released through Forum
Monday, 20 June 2011 15:04

simply8654t2_trunk_36997-1_201106201506.bin 219,236,749 bytes

From 3viewPVR.info
Beta release to Forum

The big news is that MPEG4 video with AC3 now works on units with the AC3 token installed. Those units not yet AC3 capable are being silently upgraded by 3view just as quickly as they are able. Other changes in the firmware include reduced increments in the volume control, the return of the volume graphic and changes related to reception on units located in the Republic of Ireland.

Sunday, 19 June 2011 17:13

simply8654t2_trunk_36628-5-ISpy_201106191713.bin 219,342,937 bytes

Details Unknown.
Never officially released as Beta.
Found on official upgrade site.

There are a number of these Ispy editions. Assume it was a specific customer or test.

36628-4 Released through Forum (Beta or Release version?)
Monday, 6 June 2011 10:31

simply8654t2_trunk_36628-4_201106061031.bin 219,202,281 bytes

This version holds a number of significant changes including additional support options. However, there is also a serious warning that, following its installation, it is impossible to return to an earlier firmware as the underlying structure of the 3view's hard drive is changed.

3view comments/release notes
This version makes some changes to the memory settings in the box. Once you install this version, the older versions will not run correctly. We have also opted to improve the support framework so we can get hold of some of the crashes and problems that some of you have experienced. In this version (should you opt-in) crash reports are sent to us automatically. You'll find new support heading in settings. The new memory allocation should be visible in the speed in which the menus fly around (after some brief testing I can confirm an overall and noticeable increase in responsiveness) and also in opera page loading. Some of this groundwork is clearing the way for a major upgrade to the SDK that we are implementing. Once on the new SDK we'll have opera 11 HTML5.

Thursday, 16 June 2011 17:33

simply8654t2_trunk_36171-5-ISpyDemo_201106161733.bin 218,335,490 bytes

Details Unknown.
Never officially released as Beta.
Found on official upgrade site.

There are a number of these Ispy editions. Assume it was a specific customer or test.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011 12:16

simply8654t2_trunk_36171-3-iSpyDemo_201105181216.bin 218,237,663 bytes

Details Unknown.
Never officially released as Beta.
Found on official upgrade site.

There are a number of these Ispy editions. Assume it was a specific customer or test. A Google search returns a company called ISpy who produce a CCTV related product which may, or may not, work with 3View's hardware.

36171-2 Final Official Release on 3View.com and 3View Unit Download Menu
Wednesday, 11 May 2011 20:29

simply8654t2_trunk_36171-2_201105112029.bin 219,520,705 bytes

3view comments/release notes
Please note that this release is a branch build based on the 34807 release. It addresses the problem of recordings never ending when recording on both tuners with adjacent programs and no bonus times.

This release addresses the java database corruptions we have seen that have prevented some boxes from booting. It was determined that the corruptions resulted from users deleting duplicate programs that may have been recorded when more than one series timer was created for the same show. Please note that this fix does not address databases that have already been corrupted or the underlying but rare cause of the duplicate programs being recorded in the first place.

Bugs Fixed and Verified:
5515 - 3View: Recording recorded 2h43m extra bonus after past end of show
5521 - 3View: Recording recorded 3h28m extra bonus after past end of show
5574 - 3View: Concurrent recording doesn't stop until another starts
5612 - 3View: Can't record after set clock back with newer existing recording
5658 - 3View: Java local database corruption cause box not boot

Addition of 3view IPTV subscription manager on our 3view , which is done when the box either manually or automatically goes in standby mode.

Addition of 3view Widget Management which manages the widgets to be available according to the subscription on our 3view web server, which is done when one navigates to "Settings > Manage Widgets" menu. To download the latest widgets for your subscription, you would have to manually go to "Settings > Manage Widgets", mark the widgets you wish to view and select "Apply" button. It will begin the process of downloading the latest widgets and it's icons from our 3view web server and once all downloaded, will be notified by a pop-up message to restart the STB to view the change.

Disabled the display of "Volume Control" screen/OSD, but the functionality in the background is implemented. When on full-screen live video, left/right menu keys decreases/increases the volume level in steps of 10 respectively and audio button toggles the "mute" on/off.

Enabled "Manual Tune". There is a known bug that it does not manually tune to HD channels.

Fixed the issue of always displaying the "Network Device Name" as "3view" on reboot.

Enabled the selection of hyperlinks on the standard Opera Browser web page when "OK" button is pressed on the 3view Remote Control.

Added a link to "ShoutCast" as a web menu button under "3view" menu. Removed the duplicate original link of ShoutCast from "My Music > My Music Options" menu list.

Also, added an auto-timeout on the "ShoutCast" screen with a black background and moving text - "Playing ShoutCast Channel" in order to avoid screen-burn while playing the shoutcast channel in the background. Press any key on the 3view Remote Control while on auto-timeout on the "ShoutCast" screen, in order to return back to the "ShoutCast" menu and display what is being currently played.

Made the fixed text on the "Standby" screen to moving text in order to avoid screen-burn.

Modified the "Settings > Manage Widgets" menu screen to display a different message when either the box is not registered or if the box is registered, but no active widget subscription.

36171-1 Beta Release on FORUM
Monday, 9 May 2011

Filename unknown Size unknown
No copy available for download on www.simplyglobaltv.com

From 3viewPVR.info
The release addresses database corruptions that had been seen and which had prevented some boxes from booting. It appears that the corruptions occurred as a result of users deleting duplicate programmes that may have been recorded when more than one series timer was created for the same programme. The fix does not address databases that have already been corrupted, or the underlying reason for the duplicate programs being recorded.

In addition to the database fix, a screen saver has been added to Shoutcast and the standby message now moves around the screen to prevent screen burn.

3view have said that there were to have been a number of other changes within the new firmware but the majority have been removed for now to enable an earlier release.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Filename unknown Size unknown
No copy available for download on www.simplyglobaltv.com

From 3viewPVR.info
Latest beta firmware
This latest beta version of the firmware replaces 35351-8 which had improved browser functionality at the expense of being unable to adjust sound volume on the 3view. Browser functionality is retained in 35351-10 and volume adjustment is now possible, though the on-screen graphic has been removed temporarily. Issues with Network Name and the widgets downloader have also been addressed.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Filename unknown Size unknown
No copy available for download on www.simplyglobaltv.com

From 3viewPVR.info
Beta firmware 'tweaked'
Yesterday's 35351-6 beta firmware broke widgets in that the display was offset to one side and blank and unused entries were made visible. 35351-7 has been released to correct this error, along with another minor bug that prevented widgets from being removed cleanly.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Filename unknown Size unknown
No copy available for download on www.simplyglobaltv.com

From 3viewPVR.info
Another beta firmware released

This release contains the widget manager, a facility to allow IP channels to be added to the EPG and an option to tune channels manually.

As previously, the widget manager allows the user to choose which widgets to load onto the 3view. At the moment the list comprises a calculator, a multiple news feed, a multiple sports feed, Twitter, Flickr and the 3view Manual.

The facility to add IP channels to the EPG was tested in June 2010 and worked well using Microsoft's IIS Smooth Streaming technology. Further details of the test are to be found in the 18 June 2010 news item.

The manual tune option has been added after requests from users and allows the box to scan for a chosen channel. If the unit finds a lock, it will scan that frequency until stop is pressed. This means that cable performance, aerial position and noise emitters can be tested in the event that there are suspected signal issues. Manual tuning is restricted to standard definition channels at the moment, with high definition channels to follow.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Filename unknown Size unknown
No copy available for download on www.simplyglobaltv.com

From 3viewPVR.info

Dynamic widgets (re-)introduced

A slightly changed firmware (35351-2) is available from the beta firmware section of the 3view forum in which code for 'dynamic widgets' has been re-introduced after being removed some time ago whilst a bug was being investigated.

The dynamic widget list, available from a new entry in the Setup menu, allows widgets to be turned on or off based on how relevant they are to the user. Widgets will come in 'packages' and users will be able to subscribe to the packages they find to be most appropriate to their needs and interests. As an example, z-wave devices will be controlled by widgets, so a user interested in using the box's z-wave functionality (not yet enabled) will need to subscribe to the z-wave widget package. Once the package has been installed, it will then be possible to choose to use different elements within it: 3view are using options such as using an energy meter reading widget and/or a radiator TRV control widget as examples of the choices that may be available.

Subscriptions to widget packages will be free.

35351-1 Previous Official Release on 3View.com
Sunday, 20 March 2011 15:57

simply8654t2_trunk_35351-1_201103201457.bin 218,059,557 bytes

3view comments/release notes
This release addresses the problem of recordings never ending when recording on both tuners with adjacent programs and no bonus times.

Bugs Fixed and Verified:
5515 - 3View: Recording recorded 2h43m extra bonus after past end of show.
5521 - 3View: Recording recorded 3h28m extra bonus after past end of show.
5574 - 3View: Concurrent recording doesn't stop until another starts.
5612 - 3View: Can't record after set clock back with newer existing recording.

From 3ViewPVR.info
A further update to the firmware was released for evaluation today. Like last week's, it contains some fixes along with improvements to the box's functionality which have been suggested by users.

It would also appear that the networking aspects of the box have been optimised as access to networked storage devices and other 3view units is considerably faster than was previously the case.

34807-3 Older Official Release on 3View.com
Thursday, 16 February 2011 19:13

simply8654t2_trunk_34807-3_201102161913.bin SIZE UNKNOWN
No copy available for download on www.simplyglobaltv.com

3view comments/release notes
Solves a problem introduced in the last version which corrupted the database over time and made the box difficult to reboot in some circumstances. (Not picked up in testing). In this version you will find improved performance, more user friendly widgets and a number of stability fixes.

Open Web browsing now needs a PIN number to gain access. Press WEB to access the URL bar or Press BROWSE in the 3view page. The PIN is defaulted to 1234. You can set your own at 'my3view' on www.3view.com. You can turn this PIN off if you wish.

The new version 34807-3 is on the network update site now.

Release Notes:
This release addresses a number of serious issues:
1) Database corruption which caused boxes to not boot or fail to wake from standby
2) No Signal on channels when the box is rebooted while recording on both tuners
3) UPnP media serving problem which caused recorded TV shows to be unplayable by other media players Please note that Windows Media Player 12 is not always able to reliably play recorded shows. The same shows which fail with WMP12 play fine using XBMC software.
4) Widgets can be exited with Red button
5) Web pages opened by widget can be closed with Red Button. This now takes the focus back to the widget.
6) Open Web Browsing is now restricted to PIN access. This can be turned off.

Bugs Fixed and Verified:
bug - Widgets were failing to exit cleanly
bug - iplayer performance optimised
5506 - 3View: Dialog not dismissed when remove photo from My Media
5516 - 3View: Does not resume from standby crash
5526 - 3View: Bug 5516 corrupted managerFileLocal* database
5528 - 3View: 3rd party media players can't play recorded TV from STB
5529 - 3View: Reboot during dual recording cause No Signal
5535 - 3View: UPnP recorded shows list colon without episode name
5538 - 3View: Local database corrupt after rescan with missing channel
5544 - 3View: Future scheduled program with NDB's gone caused backend loss and NDB corruption
5190 - 3View: Crash with skip past end for "Chamber of Secrets" test AVI
5249 - 3View: No "blank" key on soft keyboard does a "space"
5266 - 3View: Can't change options on some older series
5307 - 3View: Trickplay resume play point inaccurate.
5353 - 3View: Modify episode recording creates double show entry only occurred if a box with future recordings is updated from a build older than 33823 to a newer build
5403 - 3View: MPG video playback only black screen
5445 - 3View: Video stalled with glitch playing currently recording show
5465 - 3View: Backend crash during channel change script tests
5481 - 3View: Extra UI options in Play Track dialog for music
- 3View: Problem found with database corruption in series record: fixed.
- 3View: FF and RW resume point inaccuracy. Fixed. (Fast forward stopped much further on in a programme than the screen would indicate)
- Fix a memory leak.

New issues:
We note that after upgrade the box announces that it is on 34807-2

The following notes refer to very old versions of the firmware and are provided purely as a historic reference. Installation of these older versions is not recommended.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Changes unknown

(Version number unknown)
Sunday, 9 January 2011

3view comments/release notes
Updated firmware on test

An updated firmware has been released to a number of users who have been experiencing problems with the 3view unit refusing to come out of standby. Responses, so far, have been mixed.

Friday, 17 December 2010

3view comments/release notes
A fix for the Winter Hill HD problem
Fix affecting YouTube after YouTube made some unannounced changes to their servers.
Prevents the loss of changes to the channel mapping when an erase and scan is undertaken.

From 3ViewPVR.info
Database changes
This firmware introduced major changes into the way the 3view organises data. Unfortunately, it would appear that the transition has produced some corruption in some units that has led to them freezing or failing to respond to the remote control. 3view are aware of this and have indicated they are working on the problem.

3view have also made it known that, with appropriate information from the unit's owner, they are able to access it remotely and may be able to reconfigure the corrupted data.

A further consequence of the changes to the database would appear to be the inadvisability of returning the box to an earlier firmware as access to recordings will be lost.

Box optimised?

Recent firmwares appear to have speeded up the 3view's operation with the setting of timers and EPG navigation most noticeably faster.

Perhaps connected with changes in the latest firmware, perhaps not, but some units are experiencing problems when re-booting with the process freezing part way through. 3view are aware and, again, a fix will soon be available. In the meantime, the advice is to remove all power from the box, wait for at least a minute, and then apply power again with the front panel standby button held down until the on-screen message and instructions appear. Once the instructions appear, choose 'Start Application'. Releasing the button before the instructions appear, or starting to hold it down after power has been applied, will mean the the process will fail.

(Version number unknown)
Friday, 17 December 2010

From 3ViewPVR.info
Winter Hill: solved?

A number of users received the promised updated firmware to fix the Winter Hill problem today and, from feedback to-date, it works! Users who had previously been unable to receive Winter Hill's high definition broadcasts as a result of an interaction between the 3view box's sensitive tuners and Winter Hill's high power transmissions are now able to enjoy the 3view's superb high definition picture quality.

(Version number unknown)
Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Enables iPlayer.

From 3ViewPVR.info
First impressions? WOW! I haven't done too much in-depth checking but I watched an HD version of a programme and the picture quality was superb. Rewind, pause and fast forward worked fine too.

Also in this release is episode duplication detection using the CRID information contained within the broadcast stream. This too appears to work well, though I have found one 'The Apprentice, You're Fired' duplicated episode undetected.

Widgets, too, have had some attention paid with the 'BBC Headlines Top 10' widget now showing up-to-date headlines.

Friday, 15 October 2010

From 3ViewPVR.info
Two obvious changes in this firmware: Daylight Saving now works correctly, and Google has been replaced by Bing when the '3view' button is pressed.

For the first time in a long time, in a widely available firmware, Widgets have been activated. Pressing the red button displays four Widgets: a News Reader with feeds for Sky Sports, Formula One and Premier League; a calculator; an RSS feed of the BBC Headline News Top 10; a second News Reader which currently displays a 'No Network Available' message.

These Widgets are 'built in' and are not available for separate download. The option to download has been removed from the 'System' menu.

Network access for music, videos and photos seems to be speedier in terms of both discovery and access and Shoutcast appears to populate much faster.

The option to select standard (4:3) or widescreen (16:9) screen ratios in the 'System' menu has been reinstated.

Old upgrades

Development versions probably best avoided as these are all located in a different folder on the server clearly marked "Old Upgrades". What they represent is uncertain as they have simply been found on the server as available files. Note that many are newer than the above detailed list.

Friday, 17 June 2011 16:48

simply8654t2_trunk_36628-5-ISpy_201106171648.bin 219341501 bytes

Sunday, 5 June 2011 19:48

simply8654t2_trunk_36628-4_201106051948.bin 219204153 bytes

Saturday, 4 June 2011 15:57

simply8654t2_trunk_36628-3_201106041557.bin 219202132 bytes

Friday, 3 June 2011 16:40

simply8654t2_trunk_36628-2_201106031642.bin 219196225 bytes

Friday, 3 June 2011 13:29

simply8654t2_trunk_36628-1_201106031329.bin 219196510 bytes

Monday, 16 May 2011 21:53

simply8654t2_trunk_36329-1_201105162153.bin 218804505 bytes

Friday, 13 May 2011 18:57

simply8654t2_trunk_36329-1_201105131857.bin 244554543 bytes

Friday, 20 May 2011 18:32

simply8654t2_trunk_36171-4_201105201832.bin 218200496 bytes

Friday, 13 May 2011 17:40

simply8654t2_trunk_36171-2_201105131740.bin 219520664 bytes

Monday, 9 May 2011 13:17

simply8654t2_trunk_36171-1_201105091317.bin 219515891 bytes

Thursday, 5 May 2011 13:10

simply8654t2_trunk_35351-12_201105051310.bin 218185559 bytes

Wednesday, 4 May 2011 10:09

simply8654t2_trunk_35351-11_201105041009.bin 218181999 bytes

Tuesday, 5 April 2011 13:34

simply8654t2_trunk_35351-10_201104051334.bin 218177974 bytes

Monday, 4 April 2011 19:35

simply8654t2_trunk_35351-9_201104041936.bin 218192248 bytes

Monday, 4 April 2011 11:11

simply8654t2_trunk_35351-8_201104041111.bin 218184999 bytes

Friday, 01 April 2011 04:12

simply8654t2_trunk_35351-7_201104010412.bin 218188763 bytes

Wednesday, 30 March 2011 18:20

simply8654t2_trunk_35351-6_201103301820.bin 219567017 bytes

Wednesday, 30 March 2011 14:43

simply8654t2_trunk_35351-5_201103301443.bin 219509111 bytes

Thursday, 24 March 2011 20:11

simply8654t2_trunk_35351-4_201103242011.bin 218169146 bytes

Thursday, 24 March 2011 19:48

simply8654t2_trunk_35351-3_201103241848.bin 218145569 bytes

Monday, 21 March 2011 12:32

simply8654t2_trunk_35351-2_201103211132.bin 218095965 bytes

Friday, 18 2011 18:00

March simply8654t2_trunk_35200-4_201103181700.bin 218088573 bytes

Thursday, 17 March 2011 20:04

simply8654t2_trunk_35200-4_201103171903.bin 218086207 bytes